What are the dangers of drinking distilled water?

Sometime back I was trying to find if Distilled water is good for our health or is it really dangerous. So below is what all I found and learnt.

Keeping our body hydrated is always beneficial to maintain our health condition. Thus, many experts give advice that taking water is the best options instead of any other sugary beverages. But, what kind of water do we need to take? Is it okay to drink distilled water? If you are concern into this issue, then you are in the right path to reveal these facts.

Basically, taking water instead of any other type of beverages is essential due to the reason of ingredient and calorie. Water does not consist any calorie and additional substance like sugar or something. That is why, no matter you are struggling on losing weight or not, it is always better choice to keep hydrated than taking soda, fruit juice, isotonic, or another energy drink. Most of them are consist lots of sugar, preservative, and sometimes addictive ingredient.

Drinking water may always look the same, or at least there is no significant difference. Turns out, many types of water are available to be drunk, encompassing spring water, plain tap water, distilled water, and well water.

Plenty advantages can be taken by drinking each of those water. But it does not mean there are no following risks. In this article, we will only focus on distilled water. Do you know what is the different between distilled water tan any other water?

Distilled water is formulated by the steam of boiling water. We can remove minerals and other impurities substance through boiling method. After that, the remaining water is called distilled with purer and cleaner condition.

The controversy happens regarding the process. Many people think in order to cleanse the body from impurities or unwanted substances, drinking distilled water can be one of the solutions. But the other people believe that our body needs mineral or any other natural material inside the drinking water.

Actually, most of water always comes with several impurities. It includes nutrients, minerals, and contaminants. Is it all bad? Of course no. By boiling it, distilled water loses all possibility of impurities. The impact is not only for the body but also in term of taste. This is the reason why distilled water tastes so plain because it does not consist of minerals, metals, and other inorganic materials.

The key is, there is no big difference between distilled and purified water. The only point that matters is the method of purifying the water. Distillation is old fashion, compared to purified water. But, it is barely possible to do this process at home because it requires distillation machine. Other wise, the process is too complicated to be done perfectly.

Even though you think taking distilled water is good, turns out it is not as good as you think. At least there are four effects you have to deal with the immense consumption of distilled water.

The first possible effect is your body will face minerals deficiency, like calcium and magnesium. Based on this deficiency, it may make your body lack of metabolic function.

Like we said earlier, the taste of distilled water is way more plain than the other. This taste actually can decrease your desire to take much water. As the result, the output of your urine may contain electrolyte imbalance.

Every time our body produce sweat, it does not only lose water but also sodium and the other minerals which are consisted on water you drink. To make sure the body will work properly, these minerals which lost need to be replaced. And you will not get this kind of replacement through distilled water since it is already been neutralized from any minerals and any natural substances.

But, no need to worry. Water is not the one and only to get those kind of minerals. Your food and another beverages may contain various minerals and salts that also be as beneficial as mineral water. The dangerous condition will come when you just drink distilled water as the only source of food and drink.

If you want to do fasting period, make sure you have nutritious and balance meal, especially food that able to replace your deficiency of mineral. Or, better for you to consult to the physician or another health care expert. It is important to begin with, if only you want to maintain your body condition.

In some cases, acidosis is possible to occur when the drink water has more acidic pH. It can be happened to the one who do not eat and drink nutritious meal that will lead to extremely nutrition deficiency. pH is something essential to our metabolism. Without proper mineral, the pH balance inside our blood can be disturbed. Although it is a rare case, but it does not mean it is impossible.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), numerous health issues come from the deficiency of electrolytes and minerals due to the immense drinking of distilled water, especially in long period of time. Because it triggers massive changing in subtle composition of potassium, sodium, calcium, fluid, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, and the other nutrients that is needed by our body.

Distilled water has 7,0 pH balance. On the other hand, our blood should be in 7,35 to 7,45 pH balance. When the pH number of somebody significantly reduced into under 7,35, that condition is called as acidosis.

Nutrient deficiencies, muscle cramps, fatigue, fluid retention, impaired heart rate, headache, and more dreadful health risks encompassing organ failure are all the possible effects of acidosis followed by major changes of mineral balance and electrolyte in our metabolism.

WHO said that another type of water which already losing its mineral from several specific method can be considered as harmful as distilled water. Encompassing reverse osmosis, desalinated, nano filtered, and or deionized. It can be good for your health only if you proceed those water into remineralized.

Now, let’s jump into the conclusion. So, it is good to drink distilled water?

Well, as long as distilled water is not the only drink you take, it is still tolerable. To balance the nutrients, you have to take another type of water that still contains minerals.

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